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Pipe Art & Designs specialise in Water Pipelines, Fabrication of mPVC & uPVC fittings & Specialised Welding by using Specialised Equipment.

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Water Pipelines

A pipe for conveying water and sewerage from place to place. Sizes of the pipe may vary depending on the use.

Fabrication of mPVC & uPVC fittings

The action or process of manufacturing of mPVC & uPVC fitting.

Tank repairs and Accessories

A large receptacle or storage chamber, especially for liquid. PVC reservoir and other specialised tanksĀ as grease and fat traps.

Specialised welding using Specialised Equipment

Join together (plastic parts) by heating the surfaces to the point of melting with hot air welders, electro-fusion welders, HDPE Butt Welders and extrusion welders or other means, and uniting them by pressure and heat .

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