Pipe Art & Designs

Pipe Art & Designs specialise in plastic and fabrication, supply and thereof. We supply and distribute plastic pipes fittings of various shapes and sizes to agricultural, mining, industrial and domestic markets in South Africa including, PVC, HDPE and MDPE of all classes, sewer fittings and civil fittings.

Our aim is to continuously provide quality products and customise our service to meet the needs of our customers, market demands and provide for future trends in order to compete with the best.


Pipe Art and Designs

Rob Wallis

Owner & Manager

“We will provide you with a free quotation and any technical assistance. I personally oversee all our sights to ensure customer satisfaction.”


Producers of a number of blends of natural harmless micro-organisms chosen for their specific abilities to accelerate the biodegradation process of human, vegetable, animal, fibrous and hydrocarbon waste

Safe for all the following systems: Aqua privy toilets, Conservancy tanks, French drains, Fat and Grease traps, Anaerobic Reactors, Bio-filters, Aeration chambers, Clarifiers, Anaerobic digesters, Human tanks, Activated sludge systems, Reactive systems after hazardous chemicals have killed off the biomass, Biologically active new systems, Clear sewerage blockages in drains and congested man holes.

BIZ™ Biological Agent

Contact Information:

Office:     043-721 2302

Mobile:     082 560 0101

Email:       rob@pipeart.co.za

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